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Once she is truly "satisfied" with examining the past, it is time for her to reconnect with her interests, to discover her new life purpose, and to set some aims for herself that will make her stretch. It is time for her to empower herself with a strategy for a remarkable future as she looks forward to the next few years. For this woman over 60, the options are endless, and she embraces change with excitement.

With her newfound "Joie de vivre" the woman over 40 is tackling the globe with an intense resolution that she will not be considered old, that she will look and feel her absolute best, and that the greatest years are yet to follow. She has a restored energy as she "kicks butt " wearing heels rather than house slippers, choosing networking luncheons over mid-day bridge club. She is creating a life for herself doing the things she loves to do, permitting herself to be creative about her potential. This fearless midlife woman looks after her own needs, as opposed to being on the bottom of her to-do list, knowing that she will be a much better individual in every area if she is continuing to concentrate on self-care and explore the possibilities for her own individual advancement.

Yes, even a woman can experience a midlife crisis phase, often brought on by a vivid realization that her life is half over and now it is time to pay attention to what is truly essential. Her needs are not satisfied by purchasing material things, but instead are rooted in a deep desire to do something meaningful with her life, to leave a legacy that reaches past her son or daughters, and to reach the end of her life.